Hunt me Tender

super 8, 8mm transfered dv pal | 30 min. | color | 2010-2012

directed, written by Valentina Besegher
produced by Silentes Minimal Editions
cinematography by Valentina Besegher
edited by Valentina Besegher
music, sound by Fabio Orsi

"I put a hand over the roots and the leafs of the trees, staring in-between the gaps of nature. I found you and felt the beauty sliding through my fingers, why did you ask me to go? Why did you leave me alone?"

The work explores with super8 and sound recordings the slow steady flow of the events, lights and shadows in everyone's life as well as the "crystallization of life". As if it were a sort of captivity of the soul inside the embalmed body. Super8 films taken from the family archive of the musician Fabio Orsi are edited by the visual artist Valentina Besegher, who shooted the material of embalmed animals in their natural habitat, the plants and the woods. Fabio Orsi uses field recording, instruments and environmental drones.




- Vimeo

- Hunt Me Tender - Live Cinema Version - 2012