Besides the Screen Conference

on July 5th Alessandro and I will be hosted in Porto to perform our live cinema  “Jenner” in the frame of “Besides the Screen Conference”.

The 2018 Besides the Screen Conference examines questions surrounding the archiving and preserving of audiovisual materials in the 21st century. The topic of archiving and preservation has gained even more significance as forms and formats of audio visual media continue to exponentially expand. Within such a context, those working within archives, museums, libraries and a range of cultural organisations must shoulder the seemingly impossible tasks of sourcing, storing, maintaining and making accessible an ever-growing catalogue of media history. Furthermore, these topics of archiving and storage have personal resonances too as, in many instances, our personal libraries of physical media are being migrated onto the services of ‘cloud’ storage providers. The metaphor of the cloud conjures up images of a formless, lighter than air solution to all our storage woes. However, the material underpinnings of cloud storage raises questions around access and privacy, energy consumption and emerging spaces of memory.

The 2018 Besides the Screen conference is taking place in two stages, in the cities of London and Porto.

Jenner is an ongoing live cinema informed by archival research, super 8 film footage, photography, scratch and dust, voice recordings, noise guitar, space echo. A process that was born from the necessity of finding a new form of contact with own familiar history after a loss and develops by deconstructing the hidden links between a personal past and the sociopolitical environment at the beginning of the consumer society.

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