All Sources are Broken at Libros Mutantes / La Casa Encendida / Madrid

In these last months Alessandro and I have developed a new internet based project called “All Sources are Broken”.

We have been invited to present the project in a lecture performance on the context of Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair.
Libros Mutantes is a Spain-based independent project focused on the relation between publishing and Visual Arts, that will be hosted at La Casa Encendida from April 21 to 23.

The lecture performance will start on April 21 at 8.00 pm o’clock!

I’m more than happy to partecipate in this event and to listen to the interesting talks by Kennet Goldsmith, Group CCC, Javier Mariscal,
Astrid Vorstermans and Heavyweight.

You can find more infos following these links:
Libros Mutantes
La Casa Encendida
All Sources are Broken
Labor Neunzehn

We are almost there, see you in Madrid.

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